National Access Ding Association of India
National Access Ding Association of India
National Access Ding Association of India

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Access Dinghies have developed a complete package of primary and support equipment which removes all barriers to simply going sailing. This unique system now covers:
  Five models of boats
A full range of ancillary equipment
The philosophy on accessible sailing
Tools and information to support accessible sailing clubs
  The Boats

Access Dinghies uniqueness comes from several original design features:

1. Roller reefing system, enabling the sailor to adjust the size of the sail to suit various conditions while under way.
2. Ballasted centreboard, ensuring the dinghy is difficult to capsize.
3. Hull design - innovative concave hull shape promotes additional stability.
4. Sailed by an individual seated low down in the boat instead of leaning over the side to gain stability.
5. The servo assist joystick which operates the electric winches (if fitted) opens up sailing to all people as this joystick can be controlled by hand, foot, chin, or any moving body part. This is a revolution, allowing even people with very profound disabilities to participate with able bods in every day activities.

  Ancillary Equipment

Because of the unique design features, a range of ancillary equipment has been developed to support the boats and enable sailing on almost any protected body of water in the world. The equipment allows for transferring sailors, transporting keels to trailering it all between venues.

National Access Ding Association of India
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2013 Combined World Championships @ Hussain Sagar
 2010 Combined Access Worlds Announced - GBR
 2007 World Championships in Canada
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National Access Ding Association of India
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